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Collegiate Swine Judging Contest

Contest Superintendents: Matt Claeys, NSR, Walton Webcasting

Contest Date: Saturday, September 2, 2023, 9:00 am,

Woodward County Fairgrounds, Woodward, OK



A team shall consist of at least five (5) and up to seven (7) members representing the agricultural college in which they are regularly enrolled. The top five (5) scores of these seven will be used to calculate the team total. A college may enter alternates for the contest. All collegiate teams must be pre-entered on or before August 25, 2023.

Junior Colleges or Universities that cannot field a full 5 person team will still be allowed to participate, however the team score will reflect zeros for the 5th contestant on all classes.

Team registration begins at 7:30 am, Saturday, September 2, 2023. Contest to start at 9:00 am.

All collegiate contestants MUST be a member of a judging team and accompanied to the contest by a judging coach or other college or university sponsor. Individual entries are not allowed in the collegiate divisions.


  1. An evaluation, selection and/or livestock judging team contestant must be a bona fide undergraduate, enrolled in a recognized institution offering a well-rounded curriculum in Animal Sciences with a full degree in Agriculture.
  2. Each contestant must be presently enrolled or must have previously completed a livestock (including meat animals) evaluation, selection and/or judging course at the institution he or she represents.
  3. At the time of, or immediately preceding the contest in question, each contestant must have enrolled in enough college credit hours to represent 75% of an average semester, trimester, quarter or term credit load necessary to graduate in 8 semesters, 12 quarters or the equivalent thereof; e.g., enrolled in 12 semester hour credits when an average semester load is 16 hours for a 128 hour degree, 13 quarter-hour credits when an average quarter load is 17 hours for a 204 hour degree, etc.
  4. Each contestant must have an accumulative minimum grade point average of C (2.0 on a 4-point system), or equivalent, for all college courses taken prior to the time he or she competes in a contest. No contestant is eligible to compete in a contest if he or she has been ruled ineligible by his or her coach and/or institution. This rule applies to both social and scholastic probation.
  5. Each contestant must establish his or her institutional residency by having enrolled in the institution he or she represents for at least one semester, trimester, quarter or term before competing in a Senior Contest.
  6. Contestant eligibility of a student is considered to be for one calendar year; that is, from January 1 to December 31 of any given year. However, interruptions in an undergraduate course of study for military service, hardship, failure of the institution to continuously “field” a team or other reasons beyond the control of the student shall not make a student ineligible for further contest participation if all other contest requirements have been fulfilled. However, in no case shall a student compete in a Senior College Contest more than once for either individual or team awards. A letter should be requested from eligibility committee by the coach declaring the student eligible.
  7. Students serving as an alternate in Senior College Contests shall not be eligible for further contest participation (in a future year) in an intercollegiate livestock evaluation, selection, or judging contest. An alternate is defined as “any student taken to any Senior Contest.”
  8. No contestant is eligible to compete if he or she has, at any time, served as an official instructor at any agricultural college, a regular extension agent, a regular vocational agriculture teacher, an official representative of a breed association or paid as a judge in any show.
  9. Each collegiate coach is responsible for verifying the eligibility of his or her students representing their institution.
  10. No member of a current Senior College team may be on the grounds any time before 7:30 am on September 2, 2023, unless permission is granted by contest Superintendent.
  11. All eligibility cases not covered by the regular rules shall be submitted to Matt Claeys, Superintendent, for review at least 15 days prior to the contest.


  1. All team members must be majoring or minoring in agriculture.
  2. All team members must be enrolled as full time students carrying 12 quarters or semester hours.
  3. Team members must not have completed more than 66 semester hours or its equivalent in quarter hours or 5 semesters.
  4. Open to all junior, community, or vocational technical colleges teaching agriculture.
  5. Each livestock judging coach and his/her institution will be held responsible for seeing that all of their respective contestants qualify under contest eligibility rules.
  6. The specific eligibility of a contestant will be determined by the Junior College Coaches’ Association Constitution. Stated as follows: A student will have a 12-month continuous eligibility from the date of his first official contest as a team member.
    1. Exception: Institutions not able to field a full team of five (5) sophomore contestants may petition the eligibility committee to allow a student to participate as both a Freshman and Sophomore in this contest.
    2. Institutions who have at least 5 sophomore members, but not the allowable 7, will not be eligible for this petition. (The intent is to allow each institution to field a full team and be eligible for team awards.)
    3. All letters of petition must be submitted to Matt Claeys, Superintendent, at least 15 days before the contest for review.
  7. No member of a current Junior College team may be on the grounds any time before 7:30 am on September 2, 2023, unless permission is granted by the Superintendent.
  8. All eligibility cases not covered by the regular rules shall be submitted to Matt Claeys at least 15 days prior to the contest for review.

Contest Format

The Collegiate contest will consist of 6 swine classes; Market Hogs and Breeding Gilts.

Contestants will deliver 4 sets of oral reasons; Gilts and Market Hogs.

Contest Attire

Contestants are expected to be contest, business attire with coat and tie as the standard.

Contest Site Layout

All contestants will be grouped by letter and/or number, as noted on their scantron cards. Follow official instructions on the day of the contest to find your spot on the rail.

Contestants will be asked to rotate between each set of two classes. Follow official instructions on the day of the contest.

Following the live classes, contestants will be transported to High Plains Technology Center for reasons. Lunch will be available at High Plains Technology Center.

Contest Scoring Verification

During reasons, one coach or representative from each institution is asked to verify their contestant’s placing scores with contest superintendent. Each coach will receive a copy of placing scores to verify placings. Any reported discrepancies will be verified by contest officials before awards are announced.


Junior College and Senior College will be announced at the conclusion of critiques on Saturday, September 2, 2023, at the High Plains Technology Center.