NBS Junior Classic Entry Form


Before submitting entries for the NBS JUNIOR CLASSIC, please review the following information:

  1. Complete a separate entry form for each exhibitor.
    1. All information must be completed and proper fees submitted before an entry will be processed.
    2. Entries are nonrefundable.
  2. Exhibitor entry requirements:
    1. This is a terminal market show.
    2. Each exhibitor may enter up to two market hogs per breed and two breeding gilts per breed
    3. One purebred market hog must be exhibited for every crossbred market hog
    4. One purebred breeding gilt must be exhibited for every crossbred breeding gilt
    5. All double-entered market hog and breeding stock must complete entry forms for both junior and open shows
  3. Animal requirements:
    1. Gilts shown in the junior market hog show are NOT eligible to be shown in the junior breeding gilt show
    2. All market hogs must be born on or after February 1, 2017.
    3. Market hogs must weigh between 230-280 lbs.
    4. All Breeding Gilts must be born Jan. 15, 2017 or after.
    5. All hogs must be owned by the exhibitor as of Aug. 16, 2017.
    6. Weight Limit on Crossbred Breeding Gilts: 375 lbs. maximum (no minimum weight limit) with 15 lb. weighback.
  4. Entry fee information:
    1. Junior purebred barrow and gilt entry fees are $30 per entry (late fees double after deadline)
    2. Junior crossbred barrow and gilt entry fees are $40 per entry (late fees double after deadline)
  5. Additional contest information:
    1. While completing entries, exhibitors will have the opportunity to enter in additional competitions. Rules for each contest can be found in online in the NJSA Handbook.
  6. Additional exhibitor information:
    1. Due to space limitations, exhibitors will be provided one pen for every two pigs. Sibling’s pigs will be penned together if exhibiting an odd number of animals.
    2. Exhibitors MUST bring registration papers, certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), completed affidavit, and a copy of their
      PQA Plus/YQCA card or certificate to check-in at the show.
    3. Age divisions for exhibitors will be designated using January 1, 2017.

    For a complete list of NJSA rules and regulations, please review the NJSA Handbook.

    For more information on the NJSS, call the NJSA at 765.463.3594 ext. 109 or email kaley@nationalswine.com.