National Barrow Show entry form


Before submitting entries for the NATIONAL BARROW SHOW, please review the following information:


  1. Each exhibitor may enter a MAXIMUM of FOUR PUREBRED OPEN GILTS PER BREED, FOUR PUREBRED BOARS PER BREED and TWO CROSSBRED BOARS. Purebred breeding animals must be farrowed on or after Jan. 15, 2021. Market animals must be farrowed on or after Feb. 1, 2021.
  2. A MAXIMUM of FOUR TRUCKLOAD entries may be entered.
  3. A MAXIMUM of FOUR MARKET BARROWS & GILTS may be entered.
  4. If you wish to enter the Junior or Open show, you must complete BOTH the Junior and Open show entry forms
  5. ALL entries are due by August 11, 2021. Late entry fees double after the posted deadline.
  6. ALL animals must be tagged with an official, permanently numbered ear tag.
  7. Crossbred boar exhibitors MUST present a documented stress test result at check-in for crossbred boar entries!
  8. A premise ID number will be required to exhibit.
  9. State Permit approval is not required. However, please list a cell phone number for your veterinarian on the health certificate.
  10. No clipping is allowed in the barns.