World Pork Expo Jr. National Entry Form


Show Entry Form

!By my entering this event, I agree to comply with all rules and regulations of the event!

Before submitting entries for the Extravaganza please review the following information:


  • All entries must be postmarked by March 10, 2021. Entry fees for all entries must accompany the respective entry form.
  • Entries are limited to a maximum of six (6) head per exhibitor.
  • All late entries will be charged double the regular entry fees. All entry fees are non-refundable.


  • If an exhibitor has an NSR, CPS, or ABA account that is past due, funds from the sale of their animals will be applied to their past-due account.


  • ALL animals and CVIs must be inspected by show veterinarian prior to unloading.
  • Any animals unloaded prior to veterinarian inspection will be dismissed from barns and forfeit participation from sift & sale.


  • Recommended farrowing date for Extravaganza pigs is Jan. 1, and after.
  • All purebred weanling pigs shown in purebred classes must have a pedigree which accompanies each entry or they will show as a crossbred. Purebred pedigrees will be transferred to buyers by respective breed associations.
  • All pedigrees for purebred entries must be recorded by March 10, 2021, or an additional $25 rush fee will be charged.
  • All entries must be ear notched using the official NSR/CPS/ABA system (starting with number 1 in January and again in July of each year).
  • Barrows, boars and gilts are eligible for entry. Barrows and boars may sifted in the same classes, depending on number of entries. Gilts will be sifted in separate classes.


  • Please reference theNSR,CPS, andABA websites in regards to stress status of Purebreds.
  • Such warranty is, however, solely that of the seller and not that of the American Landrace Association (ALA), American Yorkshire Club (AYC), Hampshire Swine Registry (HSR), United Duroc Swine Registry (UDSR), Certified Pedigreed Swine (CPS), or the American Berkshire Association (ABA).
  • The ALA, AYC, HSR, UDSR, CPS, and ABA assume no responsibility or liability in connection with such warranty by the seller.
  • DNA testing for the stress gene must be done within 60 days of the sale date, and all costs associated with testing for stress must be paid by the purchaser. The seller has the right to review the test results and the right to re-test the animal at a laboratory of his/her choice.
  • Cost associated with re-test by the seller is at the seller’s expense. There will be no refund of commission from stress-carrier animals.


  • A minimum of 50% of the pigs in each breed will be selected for the sale.
  • All animals selected and cataloged for the sale MUST go through the auction. Sale commission will be 15% for all animals. If an animal that is selected and cataloged for sale does not go through the sale ring, the exhibitor will be banned from exhibiting at NSR, CPS, or ABA events for one year and will be charged 15% of the average selling price of their respective breed sale. This amount must be paid before reinstatement will be allowed. The exception to this rule will be if an animal has become injured or ill and is inspected by a NSR, CPS, or ABA staff member prior to the sale.
  • The NSR, CPS, and ABA act only as the agent between buyer and seller. If proper payment is made by the buyer in a timely manner, the NSR will make settlement with the seller in approximately 30 days after the sale. In the event of non-payment and/or insufficient funds by the buyer, settlement with the seller will be delayed until collection is secured. If an exhibitor has an NSR, CPS, or ABA account that is past due, funds from the sale of their animals will be applied to past-due accounts.
  • This event is sponsored by, and will be managed by, the NSR #AC303D000727.